When To See a Podiatrist

Find out what our Asheville, NC, podiatry team can do for you and your foot health.

A podiatrist might not be someone you turn to regularly for checkups or care like a dentist or a primary care doctor, but that doesn’t make them any less valuable part of your medical care team. These are only some of the top reasons for turning to our Asheville, NC, podiatrist Dr. Daniel Waldman for care,

You Have Diabetes

Whether you've recently been diagnosed with diabetes or have been managing your condition for a while now, you know just how important it is to maintain healthy blood sugar levels to maintain healthy feet. Diabetes can put you at risk for ulcers, and infections, and it’s essential that you have a podiatrist that you can turn to for routine checkups and form immediate care when even calluses, redness, or discomfort affect the health of your feet.

You’re Dealing with Persistent or Severe Heel Pain

From bone spurs to plantar fasciitis, there are many reasons why people deal with heel pain. Not only can we provide a swift diagnosis, but we also provide advanced treatment options and technologies that can target and treat heel pain quickly. Suppose you are dealing with severe or chronic heel pain. In that case, we offer steroid injections, ultrasound technology, custom orthotics, splinting, and shockwave therapy to treat more stubborn and severe forms of heel pain that don’t respond to home care.

You’re Dealing with Plantar Warts

Did you know that warts can develop on the soles of your feet? Painful, skin-colored, grainy bumps on your feet could be a sign of plantar warts. Since plantar warts can cause significant pain and impact mobility, you may want to turn to a podiatrist for relief. Our Asheville, NC, podiatrist Dr. Waldman offers the Swift wart removal system, a state-of-the-art technology that removes warts and even treats the HPV infection responsible for warts.

Why You Should Turn to Dr. Waldman…

We know that when it comes to finding the right podiatrist, the choice is a very personal one. If you’ve discovered our Asheville, NC, practice—welcome! Dr. Waldman is a board-certified podiatrist that provides the latest techniques and foot and ankle surgery in the area and lectures on the most advanced and proper surgical practices with students from across the state and around the globe.

Do you need to schedule an appointment with our Asheville, NC, podiatrist Dr. Waldman? If so, you can easily schedule an appointment with Blue Ridge Foot Centers by calling (828) 254-5371 or visiting our website: https://www.blueridgefoot.com/.

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