Managing Corns

Corns can make getting around a difficult task, making every step an arduous and painful experience. It's unfortunate also that those who spend lots of time on their feet are the most likely to develop the condition. There are certainly ways to prevent corns from forming and they can also be safely treated, either over the counter or by your Asheville, NC, podiatrist. But it's usually advised to see help from a professional, especially if you have recurring foot problems or suffer from a chronic condition. So to learn more you can reach out to Dr. Daniel Waldman of Blue Ridge Foot Centers.

What Causes Corns

Skin becomes hardened as it experiences friction and pressure against the sides of your shoes. But it's not just tough skin, as it can become painful with repeated rubbing, leaving it very sensitive to touch.

One of the most common causes is shoes that fit too tightly and create this friction. Carrying around extra weight as well as being on your feet for very long periods of time also contribute to the condition.

At-Home Treatment and Prevention

You can often prevent corns from developing by wearing shoes that don't crowd your toes or are too tight, it's typically advised to get rid of them.

You can use over-the-counter corn pads to relieve pressure and allow them to heal.

If you are very careful you can, over time, practice soaking your feet often until the corn has softened. Once it's soft and it isn't painful you can use a pumice stone to very gently rub it to diminish it slowly. But this isn't recommended for everybody.

Corns Treatment in Asheville, NC

If you suffer from diabetes and are struggling with corns or any other foot-related injury your first stop should be your podiatrist's office. The same is true when the corn is very painful or shows no improvement after at-home care. Your doctor can prescribe a personalized treatment and may cut away layers of hardened skin over a few appointments with a scalpel, something that should definitely not be tried at home.

Find relief for your corns in Asheville, NC, by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Waldman of Blue Ridge Foot Centers by dialing (828) 254-5371. Dr. Waldman is board certified and also teaches surgery nationally and internationally including the latest Minimal incision. You can also visit their website at

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