Diagnosis and Corn Removal

Corns are basically rough, thickened dead skin patches that commonly appear on bony or raised portions of the feet. These usually form due to constant pressure and friction from tight footwear. In some people, corns aren’t really that bothersome, and simple home treatments will suffice to remove them.

In others, however, they can become extremely sore and painful and will need proper medical treatment. Fortunately, some treatments can help get rid of corns and keep them away for good. If you’re having problems with corns, you can consult with your board-certified podiatrist in Asheville, NC, Dr. Daniel Waldman of Blue Ridge Foot Centers, to determine your treatment options.

Diagnosing Corns

Corns are easy to spot, so your podiatrist will simply inspect your feet to determine whether you have corns and rule out other possible causes of thickened dead skin patches like cysts or warts. If your podiatrist suspects that your corn might be caused by a physical abnormality in your foot, he’ll order an x-ray for confirmation.

Getting Rid of Corns

If simple treatments such as wearing loose and breathable footwear and padding the affected area fail to work, or you’re dealing with recurrent and/or painful corns, your podiatrist in Asheville, NC, might recommend the following treatments:

  • Shaving Thickened Skin: This is done through the use of a scalpel and must only be performed by your podiatrist to avoid infection.
  • Custom Orthotics: If you’ve previously tried OTC orthotics that didn’t give you the relief you need, your podiatrist will prescribe customized orthotic devices that will be tailor-made for you. These can help treat your corns and keep them from coming back.
  • Medicated Pads: Your podiatrist may likewise recommend medicated pads and other medications for treating your corns. The main purpose of these pads is to deliver certain acids when fitted over the corns and break down the thickened skin to make it softer and easier to remove. You should only use these under the guidance of your podiatrist, particularly if you have diabetes.
  • Surgical Intervention: If a foot abnormality, like an internal bone misalignment, is causing recurrent corns, surgery may be necessary. The procedure can effectively keep the corns from coming back by getting rid of the source of constant friction and pressure.

Need Relief From Your Corns? We Can Help

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