Suffering With Corns?

Corns are quite common and if you’re suffering from them, you’re not alone. Many people suffer from corns, which can be painful, unsightly, and otherwise a nuisance. Fortunately, with the right measures, it’s possible to remove and prevent corns. Need help dealing with corns and live near Asheville, NC? Contact Dr. Daniel Waldman at Blue Ridge Foot Centers.

What Are Corns?

Corns are small portions of hardened skin that form on your feet and hands. If you look closely at a corn, you’ll notice that it has a hard center. Swollen, soft tissue outside of the hard center is also common. Often, corns can be painful and may make it difficult to walk or wear shoes. Regular calluses, on the other hand, are rarely painful.

Corns are caused by pressure and friction. If parts of your foot are constantly scraping against your shoes, a corn or callus may form. Often, the rubbing is caused by improperly fitted shoes. Women are more likely to suffer from corns rather than men. This may be due to folks wearing high heels and other shoes that provide inadequate support.

How To Prevent Corns

While corns are common, they can be treated and prevented. Typically, you’ll want to work with a foot doctor like a podiatrist. These doctors specialize in caring for the feet and can help patients address corns, among many other conditions.

First, it’s important for people to get properly fitting shoes. With the right shoes and also custom orthotics, it’s possible to reduce friction and thus corns. It’s wise for people to always wear socks with shoes, which can act as a buffer between one’s feet and shoes. It’s also possible to buy special pads that will reduce friction and thus corns.

That said, every person’s situation is different. What worked for a friend or family member may not work for you. It’s smart to contact a podiatrist who can work with you to address your specific situation. If you need help preventing corns and reside around Asheville, NC, contact Dr. Waldman at Blue Ridge Foot Centers.

How To Treat Corns

The specific methods used to treat corns will depend on their location and what’s causing them. That said, common treatments include medicated patches that can be placed on the hands or feet. Patches often contain salicylic acid, which may help grind corns away.

Another popular option is to simply cut away the affected skin. This method is a bit more evasive but is also very effective. That said, if you don’t take steps afterward to mitigate future corns, you may quickly find yourself back under the scalpel. Surgeons can also perform surgery to realign bones, potentially reducing friction.

Shoe inserts and custom orthotics can often provide pain relief right now while reducing the risk of corns in the future. To learn more about treating corns in Asheville, NC, dial 828-254-5371 to reach Dr. Waldman at Blue Ridge Foot Centers. Or visit our website:

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