Plantar Fasciitis and Surgical Solutions

A common reason for heel pain is a problem in the plantar fascia. If heel pain has become unbearable, you can seek treatment for plantar fasciitis in Asheville, NC. At Blue Ridge Foot Centers, Dr. Daniel Waldman can help you with a range of foot issues, such as those stemming from heel pain. If your condition is extreme, there are surgical options available.

What Causes Plantar Fasciitis?

 Plantar fasciitis results from inflammation of the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is the connective tissue that goes from your heel to the base of your toes. This condition can happen for several reasons. It often results from being overweight, as that weight is bearing down on your feet when you walk and stand. Athletes, especially runners, often get this condition due to the constant motion in this part of the foot. If you have a job where you must stand for an excessive amount of time, be aware of the type of shoes you use, as you can easily develop this condition. Those with flat feet or excessively high arches may also end up putting more stress on this part of the foot.

When Should a Foot Doctor Do Surgery?

 Your treatment for plantar fasciitis in Asheville, NC, will normally begin with non-surgical intervention such as stretching procedures, prescription for orthopedic footwear, as well as steroid shots to the affected area. However, there are times when these types of interventions won't work, and you'll need surgical care from an expert like Dr. Waldman.

If chronic pain has persisted in this area for several months, it can affect your mobility and activity level. A normally active person may not be able to run or exercise at the level they did before, and it may result in weight gain. Because your weight bears down on your feet, an inflamed plantar fascia may make it hard to stand or walk from one point to another. Not dealing with this problem may also eventually affect your hips, back, and the rest of your legs, because it changes how you walk.

When you seek Dr. Waldman out for additional help with this condition, you’re getting the benefits of seeing a podiatrist who teaches surgery nationally and internationally and who uses the latest techniques for minimal incisions. Surgery may involve the use of endoscopes, which are tiny cameras inserted through small incisions, as an alternative to making larger cuts. The point of surgical intervention will be to release the fascia by cutting away scar tissue or releasing it from the heel bone and allowing it to heal. Although surgical solutions are avoided unless absolutely necessary, they have very high success rates and endoscopic incisions heal quickly.

The Blue Ridge Foot Centers team can help your foot pain with professional treatment and follow-up. Thanks to the expertise of Dr. Waldman, you'll have relief for your plantar fasciitis in Asheville, NC. Call us at 828-254-5371 to make an appointment today.

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