Ingrown Toenails: How To Avoid and Manage This Painful Condition

Ingrown Toenails: How to Avoid and Manage This Painful Condition

An ingrown toenail can be uncomfortable in its early stages, but without proper treatment, the condition can become painful and could lead to serious complications. It's not usually recommended that you treat ingrown toenails on your own, especially if you suffer from diabetes or a similar condition, so it's important to seek help from your Asheville, NC, podiatrist, Dr. Daniel Waldman of the Blue Ridge Foot Centers.


The condition occurs when the toenail grows into the adjacent skin, the pressure caused can result in tenderness and swelling at the site. The increasing pressure can result in pain as you walk or cause friction to the affected area.

As the condition progresses your toe can become infected resulting in further swelling and pain, along with other symptoms like oozing pus, bleeding, and growth of skin around the toe.


Ingrown toenails can appear as a result of cutting your toenails incorrectly, or wearing improper footwear, and toenail injuries.

Toenails should be cut straight across and not cut too short, your podiatrist may be able to help guide you to the best practice and help you trim them if you have difficulty.

Avoid shoes that bunch up your toes and wear the appropriate shoes for your job or sport to avoid injuries.

Ingrown Toenails Treatment in Asheville, NC

While the ingrown toenail is still in its early stages, you may be able to gently lift the nail and trim it. But don't do this if it is painful to do so or if you suffer from diabetes, even small foot injuries can be dangerous if you suffer from the condition.

Your podiatrist can properly trim the affected nail and do so in a safe environment. If the toenail is infected or if the condition already advanced your doctor may need to perform either a partial or a full nail removal. If there are problems, like thickening of the nail or infection, then it's usually the best course of action to start over with a healthy new nail, even though recovery can take some time.

If you or a loved one struggles with ingrown toenails you can schedule a consultation in Asheville, NC, with Dr. Waldman of the Blue Ridge Foot Centers by dialing (828) 254-5371 or at

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